Beginning My Blogging Journey: 10 Q & A s

Do I know how to blog? Well...not really. Here it goes.

Beginning My Blogging Journey: 10 Q & A s

Hello! My name is Aryan, and I am currently a high school junior from Texas in the US. As I am writing this post, it is a gloomy afternoon in January, and I had an impulse to write a blog post. I'm not sure where this blog may go or how it may look. However, I am excited about the impending journey and wherever it leads! Without further ado, here's the Q & A...

Why did you start this blog?

There are several distinct reasons for starting this blog, so I'll elaborate on each one:

  1. I want to help students with limited resources by sharing my STEM journey, challenges, and lessons learned.

  2. I aim to raise awareness and spark discussions about electric vehicles and website development, fields that significantly impact society.

  3. By sharing my unique perspective and experiences, I hope to connect with others, fostering community and understanding.

  4. I want to promote the importance of introspection and self-expression through writing, encouraging reflection and personal growth.

  5. Documenting my high school journey will allow me to look back and appreciate my growth in the future.

How did you design the website to host the blog?

The blog website is built using a design provided by Hashnode, a global community platform for developers to connect, share knowledge, and learn from one another. I opted for Hashnode over creating my own website from scratch because it already includes all the essential components for a blog site and offers a thriving community for engagement and networking.

In the future, I plan to customize the website further to make it truly unique and reflective of my style. This will involve adding custom design elements, adjusting the layout, and possibly incorporating interactive features to enhance the user experience.

If you have any questions about website development in general or are interested in building a website, please don't hesitate to reach out through the contact form! I have also initiated other projects aimed at teaching website development and using it as a tool to benefit the community, such as the Coppell Web Dev Club.

For those considering starting a STEM blog but unsure about website development, I wholeheartedly recommend Hashnode as a user-friendly and feature-rich platform to kickstart your blogging journey!

What topics do you plan to cover in your blog posts?

Here's an expanded list of the series I plan to start on the blog, delving into various topics that interest me and may be helpful to others.

  1. Electric Vehicles: This series covers advances in EVs, their environmental and economic impact, battery technology, charging infrastructure, and their role in transportation's future.

  2. Web Development: Focusing on trends and technologies in web development, this series offers insights for beginners, discussing languages, frameworks, tools, and best practices for creating responsive websites.

  3. Next-Gen Energy: I'll share research on battery segmentation and improving the power grid through efficiency and innovation, exploring renewable energy, smart grid technology, and energy storage solutions.

  4. Poetry: A creative outlet featuring my original poetry, focusing on haikus and exploring other forms and styles, sharing thoughts and inspirations behind each piece.

  5. Business & Entrepreneurship: Delving into business management trends and STEM startups, discussing leadership, innovation, and challenges entrepreneurs face in the evolving world of technology and science.

  6. My Journey: In this personal series, I'll share thoughts and experiences from my life and career. This space allows for reflection, growth, and connecting with others on a similar path.

What's your favorite thing about writing?

One of the things I love about blogging is the freedom it gives me to express myself. It's a thrilling journey of discovery where I can dive deep into topics that fascinate me, break them down, and share my thoughts with the world.

I can't even begin to express the joy I feel when I hit that 'publish' button and my words, my thoughts, and my experiences are out there for everyone to see. It's like giving a piece of myself to the world, and in return, I get to connect with others, learn from their experiences, and grow as a person.

Every blog post is a new adventure, a new story to tell, and I am beyond excited about where this journey is taking me!

What's your least favorite thing about writing?

Despite my initial passion for blogging, there's one aspect that I expect to be a challenge - the pressure of consistency. The anticipation of keeping up with a regular posting schedule, ensuring each post is as engaging as the last, may sometimes feel overwhelming.

But, in all honesty, it's this very challenge that makes the process even more exhilarating. It pushes me to step out of my comfort zone, think on my feet, and strive for improvement continuously. So, even my least favorite thing about blogging ends up being a catalyst for growth and creativity. And that's the beauty of it!

Why do you want to be an engineer & entrepreneur?

My aspiration to become an engineer, specifically in the field of autonomous vehicle technology, is driven by my fascination with the convergence of software and hardware to create intelligent systems. The idea of designing and developing technologies that can revolutionize transportation, improve safety, and contribute to a more sustainable future deeply excites me.

Being an entrepreneur complements my engineering aspirations, as it allows me to transform these innovative technologies into viable business solutions. The cross-section of engineering and entrepreneurship is where cutting-edge innovations meet market needs, creating a unique value proposition. It's the thrill of leading teams, navigating business challenges, and bringing these technological solutions to market that draws me towards entrepreneurship.

What other activities do you dedicate your time to?

  1. Research: I'm researching dendrite segmentation in batteries using micro-CT and machine-learning models.

  2. Volunteering: I translate medical diagnoses at the Greater Dallas Arya Samaj Cancer Clinic and communicate with ESL patients in Spanish.

  3. Designing Websites: I founded the Coppell Web Dev Club to teach web development and create websites for NPOs.

  4. Competitive Physics: As Co-President of my school's physics club, I develop lessons, coordinate competitions, and have received accolades.

  5. Tutoring: I tutor peers globally via Schoolhouse. Visit my profile for more information.

  6. Other Projects: I've interned at the IEEE Nanotechnology Council and the University of Washington. Additionally, I've led a team in the CERN Bl4S competition focused on batteries in spacelike-radiation.

What's your family background?

I hail from Haryana, a vibrant state in India, rich in culture and tradition. While it's considered a lesser-developed region, the spirit of its people and the potential it holds are immense. My family's journey from Haryana to the United States symbolizes my parents' resilience and pursuit.

These roots have shaped our values of community, humility, and a passion for learning. As a first-generation immigrant from Haryana, I bring a unique perspective and am eager to contribute to the diversity of the United States.

How do you spend your free time?

In my free time, I'm an avid supporter of my favorite sports team, the Dallas Cowboys. Whether it's watching their games, analyzing their strategies, or cheering them on, I'm always there for my team. And let's just set the record straight once and for all - Dez caught it!

On a different note, I also enjoy origami and cardboard DIY projects. There's something incredibly soothing about folding paper into intricate designs and transforming ordinary cardboard into unique creations.


Whoo...that was a lot. I hope you learned something about me! I appreciate your time and engagement.

P.S. As you may realize, I LOVE GIFs!